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Two Peninsulas,
One Pure Michigan.


What Will Your Next Escape Be?

Breathtaking landscapes, starry skiesfamily funoutdoor adventures and places to shop, eat and stay localeveryone can experience it all in Pure Michigan. 

Find inspiration for your future getaway with Michigan’s webcams and virtual visits. From scenic routes on the open road to rugged trails, from the sand-covered to the well-traveled, they all lead us to the beauty of nature and simple pleasures. Here, you can find unique hidden gems and get lost in the music of rolling waves and tranquil forests.

Whether you are an urban adventurer or an outdoor enthusiast, a foodie or a thrill-seeker, traveling with your family or making memories with friends—all are welcome here. You are on the brink of planning a vacation so unique, it can only be classified as Pure Michigan.

Many ski areas remain open through the end of March, offering shorter lift lines, low-season rates and some of the best snow conditions each spring.

By shopping, eating and staying local, you can help Michigan workers, businesses and communities thrive this season while finding everything you need.

Golf courses in Michigan feature a wide range of designs, styles and experiences for every type of golfer. No matter where your travels take you across the Great Lakes State, you will be close to great golf courses in Michigan.
From adventures along pristine trails to exploring gardens and wildlife from around the world, Michigan has something for the whole family to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.

With so many spectacular locations that let you truly see the extraordinary dark sky above, you are sure to be starstruck by Michigan’s dark skies.

We are ready to welcome travelers to safely experience Pure Michigan. Ready to head out on the open road for your next getaway? 

Fall in Love with Michigan
No Matter What the Season
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